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Dance-O-Rama Formal Dinner

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After reading my mother’s post about my dancing (Thanks, Mom - I am having the time of my life!) I remember sitting there during the formal dinner just completely amazed at the spectacle of it all. There were 500+ dancers competing at the event this past weekend. During the formal dinner and in-between rounds of the professional competition (pro-comp), there was general dancing. Waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha, swing, hustle…all were played and each time hundreds of people would get onto the ballroom floor and get lost in the crowd. It was a huge ballroom, but even with all those people it was still extremely crowded. Everybody danced, and I even got the opportunity to “warm up” one of the finalists of the pro-comp with a waltz and foxtrot. What an honor! It really was an amazing weekend. And sitting in my office at work, despite the dual monitors, seems rather…boring to how I spent my weekend. I can’t help but think back to it every few minutes and smile.