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4th Fireworks - Where Were You?

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My mother posted today about where she has been for the 4th of July fireworks. My list is a little smaller compared to hers, but kind of interesting.

Many times at a soccer field where I grew up. Lime Rock State Park for a few times thereafter when fireworks got banned in my hometown after one went sideways into the bleachers and injured several people. Some park in Rochester during college with my girlfriend’s aunt and kids…I can’t remember what I did the other years.

And then Chicago… From the back of a taxi my first year there when I valiently tried to make it into the city to meet up with Lindsey and took the train - it was packed to the gills and late. Through the sunroof of my car from the side of lake shore drive where numerous other cars were pulled over with the girl of the hour. That was a pretty cool moment - standing up out of the sunroof pulled over on a fairly major road in Chicago. Down by navy pier with friends. Over by Millenium Park with YAG (yet another girl ;o) (this was probably the first time I ever had a good view of the fireworks, thanks to her).

And now, Seattle… The rooftop of a friend-of-a-friends condo in Belltown.

Tag you’re it - where have you spent your 4ths?