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A Tourist in My Own Town

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I went back to Chi-town this past weekend and it turned out to be quite the crazy weekend from beginning to end.

I was originally planning on flying in late Thursday night, but the announcement of ChiSec 3 caused me to push things up a bit. The excitement started when I called Southwest (thank you for your flexible reservation policy) two hours before an earlier flight and re-booked myself to get home in time to participate. Then Friday it was brunch, lunch, and a BBQ that kept me busy all day long. Not to mention I came home to a car with a dead battery and one mostly-deflated left rear tire. So I took care of that after brunch, and then went and put on my summer tires so I could have a little fun in my car while I was home (thanks, Steve, for the recommendation on Cassidy Tire - theey were great!).

Hung out a bit after the BBQ (which included speed-shifting and some aggressive driving in order to get back in a timely fashion) and then finally crashed out Friday night.

Saturday found me up early taking care of bills, doing various other stuff, and then shopping for half the day. I got a sweet new pair of kicks! Then a quick trip up to Wrigley-ville to pick up my tics to a future cubs game, and an afternoon of chilling and assisting in an interview process by beating up any nerds that showed up.

Saturday night was pretty crazy…so crazy that I found myself headed home with the sun at my back. So crazy that I set my alarm to 6:30am PST (oops). So crazy that I managed to arrive at the airport 3 minutes after my flight had departed (thank you, SWA, for your flexible reservation policy) . So crazy that I had to just toss everything I brought into my suitcase in a jumbled mess. So crazy that I felt like a tourist in my own town…and it was awesome! :)

Thanks to all involved. I felt a little out-of-place when I first arrived on Thursday…almost as if I didn’t belong and even my own apartment seemed foreign. But now I can’t wait to come back next time!

So which one is it?

Additional Comment: So in conclusion, I think I pretty much accomplished everything I wanted to while I was in town. Chicago dogs Jake’s Beer Club++ Wings Gyro’s BBQ’ing Hanging out Friends Dancing the night away Zoom-zoom’ing in my car New kicks - went home with 3 pair, came back with 5 Packing as much fun as humanly possible into one weekend