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Most of you have received my email already, but in an attempt to reach some of you others out there in the blogosphere, I would like to post on my decision to summit Mt. Rainier.

As has been mentioned, I am currently in the Seattle area for work for an extended period. At the end of my project, I will be taking some time off and have decided to attempt to summit Mt. Rainier! Mt. Rainier is the highest volcano in the Cascade Range standing at 14,410ft. I will be doing this as part of a fundraiser for the Washington National Parks (WNPF), and in order to join the climb I must raise $2500, which will be corporate-matched in a donation to WNPF in order to help maintain the park that Rainier is located in.

I ask that you consider sponsoring me not only to help me achieve this goal, but also to support the wonderful parks here in Washington. Whether it’s $10 or $50 any little bit will help and would be much appreciated. Heck, chip in $20 and I’ll let you forget about my birthday! For easy access, you can donate online. Also, please let me know if you would like to be recognized for your donation on my website and how you would like your name to appear. You can keep track of how I’m doing on my Rainier Fundraising Status page.

To get some incentive going like any good fundraiser, if you donate $50 or more I’ll send you a nice print of me (hopefully) at the top of the Rainier that you can do with whatever you like…hang it above your fireplace, use it in a dartboard…whatever, I just appreciate the donation.

Thank you for your help!