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75 and Sunny

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That was today’s forecast…who can’t wait for this weekend?? This guy!

I just got back from Ascada Bistro, which is right across the street from where I’m staying. I didn’t realize it, but I’ve been hearing this place for a couple weeks now. They have live music quite often, and a pretty good “scene”…if you know you what I mean. ;) Tonight, Mycle Wastman was playing who not only has the best spelling of Mycle I’ve ever seen but also is a great performer. A wonderful gal named Vicki(sp?) joined him and sang some vocals while he was playing guitar and she is what actually drew me into the actual restaurant from my table outside. Then a guy by the name of Joshua came down and jammed on the tenor sax for a while. It was such a great evening that it made me want to pick up my sax again. I’ve been wanting to pick up piano for a while…of course, the lack of an actual piano is somewhat of a prohibitor to that… ;o) But I’ll most likely be back again next Thursday.

This weekend promises to be another fun-filled weekend. I’ll be hitting up various places including the luxurious West Seattle and Mt. Si. Stay tuned in for the adventures of a Seattle transplant!

And in honor of another Mike and the coming weekend, allow me to wax poetic:

Weekend is here now, Only good times to be had. Weekends let me loose. Life is here, nothing else. Enough sleep you get at death. Live for now, don’t wait. Weekend is here now. The weekend is yours to own. Sleep less, live more now.