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The End of the Road

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I headed into Seattle this evening to meet up with somebody for some sushi, and as I was headed back to my place I realized something. I was on a normal street and saw signs for I-90 East. I took a left onto another normal street that in a few blocks turned into I-90. Why am I posting about this? Because I just realized that I found the end of I-90! At least…the part where it ends on the west coast. For some reason, realizing this hit me as really neat - with the exception of Idaho, a small portion of Montana, and some of Massachusetts, I have traveled across the entire country on I-90. Not too shabby.

Ironically enough, the sushi joint was by Safeco Field where the Mariners play…who happened to be hosting the Chi-town White Sox. The Sox lost by one last night, but apparently whupped ‘em tonight 13-3.

Oh, and the sushi was excellent! ;-)