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Wiped Out

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I’ve pretty much been in high-gear since Thursday night. I checked out that pool hall and didn’t get home until late. Then I got up and flew back to Chicago (that 4-hour flight always wipes me out) and went out on the town with a few friends since I won’t be around for a while. That was, of course, a late night. Then Saturday was a wonderful Champagne tasting where the party went late into the night again. Combine that with the fact that I’ve been magically rising around 6:30am every morning and my batteries are running low. I flew into Seattle last night (again…that 4-hour flight is an ouch) and got into my apartment around 11pm. I unzipped my two suitcases but didn’t make it much past that as I took care of some things on my computer and laid down on the couch to rest for a bit while watching some non-descript movie. Next thing I knew it was 5am and my eyes were crusted shut (gross, I know…but it’s true!). I stumbled into the bedroom, crawled into my comfy bed and after an hour-and-a-half of sleep felt good and rested and ready to go stare at source code all day! Even though it was tiring, I had a great weekend back in Chi-town which is good since I won’t be back for a while. See ya then!