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Spring Forward

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OK, Pacific Northwest…it’s just you and me, buddy. What do ya got for me??

As I’ve mentioned prevoiusly, I’m in the Seattle area (specifically Bellevue) for a little while. It’s starting to get very nice and spring-like out here. After the most boring 5K of all time on the treadmill last night (I literally watched the seconds tick by…I need an iShuffle), I was excited to come back home early enough for it to still be light out and a brisk 60-degrees. Not wanting to waste any time, I rushed inside, unpacked my computer, signed onto the Internet, got on instant messenger, checked my e-mail, browsed the web for a little bit and then quickly threw on my shorts and running shoes. ;-)

Sticking with my usual tactic of running in the city, I went whichever way the little white man on the crosswalk signs told me to go. Amazingly enough, I managed to end up at the Bellevue Downtown Park - a beautiful 20-acre spread where it seems everybody else goes to run, walk their dogs, and play frisbee, catch, and soccer! It’s still pretty chilly, so it wasn’t too busy but I can only imagine what it’ll be like in another month.

Good start, Pacific Northwest…good start.