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Curse of the Girl Scouts

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As I walked out of the Safeway (yes…I’m in Seattle again) tonight sporting my week’s supply of Gatorade, I caught a foldable table out of the corner of my eye with stacks of rectangular shaped boxes and a sporty mother and daughter team standing behind them.

“Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”, the young girl blurted out.

I paused.

Visions of peanut butter patties, thin mints, and classic shortbread cookies danced through my head like a heroin addict making a score. My mind had already turned toward the table and it was a simple matter of making my body follow.

But it resisted. The burn of a good workout yesterday picked my right foot up and moved it forward in a straight line. Then the left. And the right again. My brain screamed “What are you doing, you fool?! Those are Girl Scout cookies!”.

My body laughed and said “Hey buddy, you’re gonna be lying out on a beach in a bathing suit by the end of the week…what do you want to do?”.

Much to the relief of my waistline, my brain conceded and the Girl Scout cookies have slipped from my grasp until next year.