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I Love Her, but I Love to Fish

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I’ve acquired an odd affinity in the past couple days for country music. So it was no mistake that I didn’t change the station in -0.5 seconds when I got into my rental car today and a country station was on. Spurred on by a recent ‘positive country music experience’, I listened to some of the songs for a while. And then one by Brad Paisely came on that started like this:

Well I love her But I love to fish

I busted out laughing and almost swerved off the road. Once I regained my composure, I listened to the rest of the song (lyrics) which is basically about a dude’s wife who says fishing or her and his response is Oh, lookie there, I’ve got a bite. Hehe…pretty funny stuff.

Anyway - I’ve always been able to respect country, but never paid attention to it for more than one or two songs and those that crossed into the “Pop” genre. Just thought I’d share that one song I heard today, though.