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Resetting Windows Security Settings to Not Defined

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As a person that frequently configures my Local Security Settings and experiments with Group Policy on my Windows network, this is something that has always baffled me, but I never really had a problem with it.

Many of the settings in the Windows Security Options settings are “Not defined” by default. For example, note how neither Enabled or Disabled is selected in this policy. [img]

So what happens when you do enable or disable that option, but want to set it back to “Not defined” at a later point? There’s no “Not defined” option and I can’t quite recall right now if there is a way to do this when you’re working with Group Policy Objects…there very well may be.

One option I just discovered though, is simply by hitting the ’


’ key. Yes, that’s right. Open the security policy, hit


and the options will be disabled and set back to “Not defined” when you apply or click OK.