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Sunbelt Software to Acquire Kerio Personal Firewall

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It was just recently announced that Sunbelt software is going to acquire Kerio’s Personal Firewall that Kerio was going to End of Life at the end of this year.

As an avid, and long-time user of Kerio (I still have a download of 2.1.4 from 2002 in my archives), I’m very happy to see this. Kerio is the one firewall product that I’ve used that has allowed me the granular control my anal retentiveness demands without getting too picky. Yes, I’m the guy that only allows Firefox and IE to communicate from TCP ports 1024-500 to TCP ports 80 and 443 as well as a few other exceptions as needed.

Let’s hope Sunbelt doesn’t try to integrate their spyware product or vice-versa…that would be really annoying, even if it is a logical next step.

In other news, further proof that Wayne’s World was not, in fact, based in Aurora but LA. This is a snap of a mysterious “Wayne’s World” door at LAX airport. How odd. Wayne's World...at LAX