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Real-time Traffic

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I was about to head to bed tonight when I looked out the window and saw 90/94 Westbound jammed. Jammed so bad that people were exiting off the entrance ramp…which made for a fun time when they turned the wrong way onto a one-way street. But I digress.

So I hopped online to see if I could figure out what was going on. And checked a few traffic sites: CBS Chicago Traffic, Yahoo! Traffic, GCM Travel (an old favorite of mine), and finally, Traffic.com

Guess who had the most up-to-date and accurate report? That’s right, Traffic.com. Out of all the ones I looked at, actually, Traffic.com was the only one that even displayed some sort of delay! Not only that, but it gave very good detail too:

past Ohio St (#50b) - water main break blocking 3 lanes - 3-4 feet of water in roadway, 6 cars, 2 tractor trailors stuck.

Not bad - anytime I travel in the future, I’ll definitely be hitting up Traffic.com. Now back to watching people go the wrong way on the one-way. :)

And check it, they’ve even got a Chicago Traffic RSS Feed! Bet that makes Scoble happy… ;)