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Bluetooth - Increasingly Useful

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My new favorite application…Salling Clicker.

Salling Clicker is our award-winning software utility that turns a mobile phone or PDA into an advanced wireless two-way remote control for your computer.

This thing is amazing! I set it up with my cell phone (Audiovox SMT5600) and have it configured to automatically pause iTunes when I receive or make a call. This feature alone is immensely useful now that I work from home. I usually have my Powerbook on my kitchen table while I’m in my office working, which is the perfect distance to give me some good background music to code or work too. But it wasn’t very efficient when somebody would call and I’d have to dash out to the kitchen to turn off my tunes. Now however, when somebody calls my cellphone, it just automatically pauses…and then resumes when I hang up! Color me impressed. And if somebody calls on my office phone, I can use my cell phone to pause iTunes, as well as an infinite number of other functions.

The only problem that I had during setup was that even though my device was listed as supporting phone events on the Salling website…the application was reporting that my phone wasn’t supported. It turns out that in the “Device Setup Assistant”, I needed to click the “Refresh List” button as the installer I downloaded doesn’t have the latest list of supported devices. This wasn’t very intuitive, nor do I recall any notification about needing to do this…so I fumbled around with the application for about a half-hour until I got frustrated and just started clicking buttons. It’s working great now, though, and definitely seems like it will be worth the $24.