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Bloglines, I Don't Want to Fight Anymore

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I mentioned recently that Bloglines implemented shortcut keys and what a wonderful feature it was.

Well it still is a wonderful feature, but unfortunately for me I’ve been experiencing a fairly critical bug ever since. Reading my subscriptions with the shortcut keys works great, however when I go back to using my mouse I will frequently click on a feed that has new items only to be greeted by no actual articles…just the title of the page. I then have to go to the corresponding site in order to read the new articles that Bloglines (accurately) reported. This is becoming increasingly frustrating as it really decreases my efficiency for browsing through my feeds.

I’ve emailed Bloglines support, but only received a reply requesting my OS and browser (Firefox on both XP and OS X). I haven’t heard back since, so I can only assume not many other people are having this problem. It’s really unfortunate, though, as I love using Bloglines but this is really making it unusable for me. I’ll have to start looking around for other options. I’d try Google Reader, but haven’t seen good reviews about that yet. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get an invite to FeedLounge - from what I’ve heard from the blogs, people are pretty excited about it.

But Bloglines…I don’t know why you’ve chosen to play this cruel trick on me. Things between us were so good and then you went and did…this. I’m a forgiving man…if only you would not forget about my new articles! :-(