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The Air Smelled Distincively of Celebratory Cigars...

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…as the White Sox rolled through downtown Chicago. I wandered down to the parade during lunch today to check out the parade and rally the city was throwing for the Sox. It was insane! White Sox Parade

The streets were packed, as you can see. People were climbing over everything - signs, street posts, planters, bus stops, TV vans…anything to get a better glimpse over the sea of people that swarmed the downtown Chicago area. I happened to settle down just under the L at Lake and La Salle when the parade started going by. One of the floats managed to nail the bottom of the L tracks as it went under, temprorarily holding up the parade. Luckily nobody got hurt and they got it unstuck and were on their way again. The players also had to duck as they went through as they were on the top of double-decker busses…it was pretty close. There was also confetti and shredded sun-times newspaper (the best black and white confetti one can get on short notice, I suppose) all over the place.

It was a pretty crazy scene, but a lot of fun to be down there amidst all that. The best was this little girl whose father put her up on a walk sign. She eventually wanted to get down but her father had her sister on his shoulders and couldn’t get her because there were so many people. She started pouting for a bit, but then started posing for cell-phone photographers such as myself. ;)

Girl on Walk Sign

I have a few more photos on flickr.