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There are two things I really need to get accomplished within the near future…at least on the tech side of my house.

  1. Finally settle on a host OS for my websites. I’ve got a few on Debian right now and one on Gentoo, but running two MySQL databases and two Apache daemons is really starting to kill my hosting server and the downtime of my blog last week was the result of said resource exhaustion. I think I’m going to settle on Gentoo for right now for it’s virtual hosting capabilities, for better or for worse. But it will take a lot of work to recreate the setup I have.
  2. I’ve had a sweet little perl script lying around the past couple years that draws pretty, but limited graphs. Stumbling across Blender, an open source 3D modeler has renewed my interest in the script as it could be much more effective with an animated 3D model! I should probably work out the kinks first, but half the kinks were with the graphing software I was using.

Of course, both of those are no easy task, especially when the rest of life comes into play. But, hopefully, I can have at least one of those wrapped up in the next month. I’ll give the other until the end of the year and hope that I find the motivation one night to pound through it.