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I did a race yesterday called Muddy Buddy with Jason. It’s a 10K with 5 legs where one person runs one leg while the other is biking and you switch up at every leg. There are obstacles between the legs as well such as monkey bars, low wall, and a couple rope climbs. It was a pretty cool race, but a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I should also mention there’s a big huge mud pit you have to crawl through at the end, hence the name Muddy Buddy. ;) Jason and I were pretty evenly matched, and did pretty well finishing with a time of 54 minutes, 36 seconds coming in 36th out of 60 in our division and 327th overall (out of 897 teams - official results). I sure do hurt today, and I’ve still got dirt coming out of various body parts, but I had a great time.