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Debian vs. Gentoo - Round Vhost

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One of the reasons that I am considering moving my webserver to Gentoo is due to it’s ability to manage web applications using webapp-config. I’m somewhat cautious as just as many people hate it as love it, but I think it might be useful for me. I manage several websites, some of which are using gallery, some of which are using wordpress, and it’s become a hassle anytime I have to upgrade something.

Recently, there was a security issue with wordpress and once again, I had to manually update a couple of my installations (you’d think I, of all people, would have it scripted by now don’t you!). Well I’ve got another wordpress blog running on a Gentoo server and this will be my first test of seeing how easy webapp-config is to use. If it goes well, I may just move my sites over there.

Stay tuned…