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Cisco Vulnerability Presentation Floating Around

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Many of you have heard about the Cisco cover-up at Black Hat this year. You know, your normal gestapo presentation suddenly cancelled, pages literally ripped from the conference book, etc. The link to Lynn’s presentation on the Black Hat Multimedia page had also been removed. Now…you think they would have removed the actual pdf as well, don’t you? I mean…this is the hottest news in the past few days and everybody that wasn’t at Black Hat wants to get their hands on this information. And most of these “hacker-types” are fairly resourceful. So you would think that Black Hat would be smart enough to remove the actual pdf…

Well they weren’t. Up until sometime this morning, the contents of that pdf that people had been hired to rip out of the conference book still remained at a predictable URL on the Black Hat site. Intentional? Maybe…but it’s gone now.