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Early Review - Wedding Crashers

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Well as I mentioned yesterday, I got to go to an early private screening of Wedding Crashers last night. Somebody that Stacey works with managed to get tickets somehow and couldn’t use them, so thanks to her we were able to get in. Apparently, this is a fairly common occurence, and I even found a site that lists screening give-aways. Of course, you have to live in a fairly large city to be privy to these types of events.

So anyway, the movie. Overall I laughed my butt off through the entire thing. Go see it! It’s everything you’re anticipating. (Aren’t I great at movie reviews?)

I expected the “wedding crashing” part to play more of a role in the movie, but it turns out that is primarily background information. The movie itself does actually have a story line and it’s not just Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn getting wasted at weddings. I must say, though, that I was very impressed with the montages. They were done extremely well - good music, good camera work, etc. Both Owen and Vince also play extremely well off of each other and it really shows in the first scene of the movie. They’ve got a great back-and-forth between them that continues throughout the movie. And keep your eyes open for a surprise here or there too (now you have to see it to know what I’m talking about).

In any case, it’s good. It’s funny. Go see it.