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Holy Comment Spam, Batman!

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What the heck is going on??

In the past 12 hours, I have received 40 new comments, all of which are spam! But here’s the odd part.

This is not your common spam like “shop at jim’s casino” spam. This is…complimentary spam..cspam, if you will. This is spam that says “nice site” and “great design” and is sometimes in a foreign language. Now that wouldn’t even be so bad, but what makes it worse is that somebody is going to a great deal of trouble to put this spam here. The 40 comments come from 40 unique ip addresses!

The onlyspammish thing about these is in the referer. On occasion, I’ve noticed that the referer is actually spam in my server logs. So I guess it’s just referer spam. One of the downsides of going to a popular blog engine, I suppose.