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Weird Pregnancy Dreams

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I had some weird pregnancy dreams last night.

The first was one where I met up with a girl at work that I had a crush on when I was in grade school (Cornelia). I totally mistook her for someone else I actually dated in high school, too. Oops. In any case, we talked for a bit and turns out that she was pregnant. Nothing more to that part than that, though. I just remember wandering around the office, which wasn’t really my office, for some reason.

The second one was a little more disturbing. I was getting on the ‘L’ in Chicago and ran into this girl I had a crush on in middle school (Erin). Turns out she was pregnant too, but with a baby she didn’t want. Then she faux-fainted so I would catch her. Silly girl… But then she walked over to the stairs and pretended to faint again and said “Damon, don’t let me fall”. I couldn’t catch her and she went sliding down the stairs and it was obvious to me what she was trying to do because she didn’t yell or anything…just fell back all peaceful-like looking me in the face. I don’t remember much more than running down the stairs and picking her up, though.

Then after that I was in a bedroom that I really liked. I’ve been hunting for furniture lately and I liked how everything was layed out in this room except for the fact that there were two full beds instead of one bed… :-\ But there were nice bedside tables and a nice bench by the window which oddly enough overlooked the garage. And it was just starting to snow outside. It was so cozy.