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Nextgen Wifi Attacks

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I must be tired or something, but ponder this while pulling down your Monday morning donut and coffee.

Imagine for just a second that Apple wifi-enables the iPod. Now the F-Secure weblog has all kinds of information about mobile phone viruses and even have a new job opening for just such a position. So, as predicted, that sector is growing quickly.

Now let’s go back to the wifi-enabled iPod. Let’s assume for the sake of ease that bluetooth has also been enabled. With 4.5 million iPods sold in the last quarter of 2004 alone, the estimated iPod userbase is estimated to be around 15 million at this time. 15 million iPods. 15 million runners and joggers and iPods all talking to each other. 15 million iPods getting infected by malware and launching a DoS attack on the Internet. ouch Now let’s not be vendor-biased here. Since iPod decks out their mp3 players, all the other vendors will as well. But the virus will be smart and able to jump from mp3 player to mp3 player via bluetooth, infect it, and sit patiently waiting for orders from it’s master.

Just a wacky scenario that popped into my head this morning, but could you imagine the chaos? Not to mention you’d probably lose all of your songs…bummer.

I’m not saying this will happen or that Apple will enable the iPod in this manner and this will actually play out in our universe, but man that would hurt if it did.