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My Brain Hurts

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I love troubleshooting.

As you know I like to script, most recently with virtual server.

I’ve got a set…ok, two…of scripts that create and tear down customized virtual server environments. Unfortunately, the kill script started having some problems recently. After I would run the script, virtual server would hang and a process called


would start chewing up CPU and memory. Turns out dw20 is some sort of Office error reporting application. So virtual server was dying for some reason. Tracking down the virtual servers logs only resulted in the following ambiguous error:

The thread “” was forcibly terminated because it did not exit after a waiting period.
Not much help there. Digging in the system event logs was a little bit more help:
Access denied attempting to launch a DCOM Server. The server is: {DA3111BC-1BD7-4884-A535-8470D36028F7} The user is renamed_admin/MSVS01, SID=S-1-5-21-[not]-[these]-[sorry]-500.
Access denied indicates that it must be some sort of permissions error. But…I’m running as Administrator. Oh wait… I logged out and logged back in, and the kill script worked flawlessly!

What happened?

Soon after I first setup this box, I renamed the administrator account. But here’s the catch! I never logged out of my remote desktop after I made that change. For whatever reason, the fact that I had logged in as “Administrator”, renamed the admin account to “renamed_admin”, and continued to work without logging out and back in was causing virtual server to die when I would try to launch a COM componenet.

shrug I thought most things in Windows were tied to the SID.