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Scripting Evangelist

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Okay, so Scoble is a Tablet PC evangelist. In my interpretation, this means that he is responsible for prophesizing the wonders and benefits of Microsoft’s Tablet PC platform to anybody he can interact with whether it be online, offline, or through a chain of 30 blogs. To my knowledge, Microsoft has all kinds of evangelists (keyword search on Microsoft Careers turns up 45 openings) and I’ve even met one such evangelist at a Chicago Nerd Dinner. I’m going to see how many times I can squeeze the word evangelist into this entry…

So these people, these evangelist’s exist solely to proclaim the gospel of Microsoft, to mis-quote wikipedia. These people are here to spread the word and awareness of what Microsoft can do for you.

Now to my question. Is there a scripting evangelist at Microsoft? Do people realize the power of the .vbs? Do these MCSA’s and MCSE’s that have been pushed through training classes by their company even realize or know how to use wsh, wmi, vbs, adsi, and jscript?? Sure, there’s the Technet Script Center and the Scripting Guys, but you usually only come across those if you’re specifically looking for something. Hell, the most recent Scriptomatic even has the ability to output in Perl and Python!

Do MS professionals realize to what extent you can script a Windows box?

Do MS professionals realize how much easier they can make their lives??

Does MS need a scripting evangelist???

tents fingers

Maybe I’ll just have to hit up the newsgroup more often and evangelize a little myself…you know I’ve tried to do so here. Of course, I’m no comparison to Eric Lippert