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Happy St. Patty's Day

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Being St. Patty’s day, I felt obliged to go out and celebrate. After a quick stop at my new favorite place, Jake Melnicks, we headed over to Fadó Irish Pub. Being an Irish pub on St. Patty’s…there was a wait, but it wasn’t too bad (20 min?).

Fadó’s is a great place, but there were some crazy people pretending to jig to the music. I was getting annoyed with the people that kept slamming into me, but that’s part of going out. So I just push right back. ;)

The one thing that really threw me last night was the slightly older woman that was dancing around like crazy…with no shoes on. Oh, she had her stockings on, but they were so dirty they were black. The floor at this place was nasty - everywhere I walked my feet were sticking. Apparently…she didn’t care!

Until next year…