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Jet Lagged

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I think I’ve finally traveled to a place that has had a jet lag effect on me. I had this great plan, though!

Even though I was planning to go to bed Thursday night, I continued to stay up and get things done justifying to myself by saying that by getting less sleep, I would sleep more on the plane and thus be better adjusted when I returned. Unfortunately…I couldn’t really sleep on the plane either.

So two days, only about 4 hours of sleep, and a night out of dancing later (not too late, tho), I find myself waking up at 4am for the second consectutive day in a row. Try as I might, I can only get back to sleep right before I was supposed to actually wake up…rather inconvenient.

I’m taking a couple days off from work so hopefully the erratic sleep schedule I usually keep when on vacation will help to properly adjust me back to the Western hemisphere. Until then, I plan to fall asleep in various odd positions at random times throughout the day.