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Intraocular Lens Technology

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I recently heard somewhere about new corrective lens technology that only required an incision in the cornea and the insertion of something like a contact. In the most recent issue of Outside, I found more details.

For around $8,000 and 15 minutes per eye, you can now have corrective lens implants that will make you feel like you were born 20/20. And unlike Lasik surgery, which may impair night vision, the procedure improves your view in all conditions. Common in Europe for five years now, intraocular lens technology (IOL) involves inserting a five-millimeter-diameter plastic lens through an incision in the cornea and then clipping it to the iris, which makes it extremely durable…Whereas Lasik requires an irreversible cutting away of corneal tissue, these implants are removable and upgradable.
Verisyse implants are currently the only brand in the US to receive FDA approval.

I can’t wait until the price drops on that procedure! I’d love to not have to take my eyes out each night.