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Is Google Taking Screenshots of My Desktop?

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I’ve been using Google’s Desktop Search for a few weeks now and I really like it. It’s made finding lost emails much easier, and it’s come in quite handy more than a few times while wading through my masses of Word docs.

The cached web page feature is also pretty nice, but I noticed something odd about it today. I thought it just displayed the cached html, but the thumbnail next to one of the search results showed the pop-up dialog from my firewall.

Does this mean that Google is taking screenshots of my desktop? Why do I care about this? Well I’ve authorized the program to cache my web pages, but I didn’t authorize it to cache random pop-ups on my desktop. What if something I don’t want cached pops up?

I’ll have to dig into this a little deeper to see if this is actually the case.

Update: Franci has a good list of other things potentially wrong with Google Desktop.