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0 Things About Me

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A couple people have begun a post entitled: 100 things about me. While I enjoy reading about people, I don’t think I could ever put that much detailed information about myself in one place. Not that I can’t come up with 100 things, or I don’t have time, but this seems like revealing way too much information about oneself.

Ever since I’ve started this blog, there’s been a little voice in the back of my head telling me that I shouldn’t have used my name in the url, or I shouldn’t allow everybody in the world to see my pictures, or certain posts. But then there’s another little voice that says eh, if somebody wanted to, they could get that information anyway. While that may true, why make it easy for them? Why put sensitive personal information a google query away from anybody with a computer and outbound access on port 80. In an age where identity theft is unfortunately common, protecting yourself from that is not an easy task, but the more difficult you can make it, the better.

As for me for example, I make an effort to not post people’s names on my site. I try to respect any individual’s right to anonymity. I will post personal information occasionally, but that’s because most of my readers are my family, and since I don’t communicate very well otherwise, I like to let them know about certain things. I do not feel that the entire world has to know where I was last night at 8:30pm and who I was with, nor do I think they care.

Maybe I’m just paranoid. Perhaps I’m just a really boring person. Or maybe I just like to draw the line between what is mine and what I feel will be of use/interest to the rest of the world.


On another note - people really need to acquire some common sense and be more considerate to others. Being in the South this week where ma’am is customarily tacked on the end of the sentence when addressing a woman as a means of respect, it makes me realize how inconsiderate and selfish people can be. Not that I’m completely innocent of being a selfish arse at times, but I do try to be considerate to those around me.

I think that’s all for now. I didn’t expect to get so riled up…