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On Their Way

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Well the ‘rents are gone, headed back home. It was good to see them and show them all around Chicago. My mom liked it quite a bit, especially how it’s much cleaner than New York. ;)

The Architectural Boat Tour [cfl81.com] was amazing. It was great to ride up and down the Chicago river and learn about all the different styles of architecture in the area, not to mention the coincidence that many buildings on one side of the main branch of the Chicago River are being built by the grandson of the architect that built many of the buildings on the opposite side. I also learned about the Chicago Fire of 1871 started in Mrs. O’Leary’s barn and how Chicago reversed the flow of the Chicago river (digging the South branch deeper and let gravity work it’s magic) due to pollution.

I would greatly recommend the architectural boat tour to anyone with visitors in town or even for something to do on a lazy Sunday.

For now, I need to get back to some coding.