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Sailing in Lake Erie

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OK - Cleveland has vindicated itself…somewhat. First the Clapton concert last month with the accompanying post-show fireworks that rivaled Chicago’s “less-better-than-the-3rd” 4th of July fireworks. And now I went sailing on Lake Erie. This wasn’t the let’s have some wine and chat sailing. This was the race series with the boom “coming about” and “falling over”. I think I may have found a new passion, or at least another one.

I’m drenched, cold, and I can barely type, but man did I have a good time out there. I didn’t do much this evening as it was my first time sailing. At the very least, I do know what the fore guy and main guy are and what they do. Not to mention the top lift (I think).

Hopefully, I will be able to arrange something in Chicago that I can do on the weekends. I will have to do it on a regular basis, though, not just when I wake up and feel like it.

In any case…good times, four foot waves, and good company made for a pretty decent evening in Cleveland.