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Passed by an Accident

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I drove by this accident about a half-hour after it happened yesterday.

For those not wanting to click the link, a motorcyclist collided with a mini-van and the rider (not wearing a helmet) did not make it. This happened right across from the entrance to my hotel, so I got a good, close look at the scene on my way to the client. Not the way I wanted to start my morning, nevermind the poor guy on the ground.

This is almost like the other morning when I was driving to South Bend, IN. I saw a dirt cloud rise up on the median about a quarter mile ahead of me. Realizing there might be an accident in progress, I slowed down. By the time I reached the area, traffic was still moving, but I looked across the median to see a car on the other side of the highway, facing oncoming traffic, with an 18-wheeler bearing down on it! Luckily, the truck driver must have slowed down initially as well, because he was able to stop, but not by much more than a couple feet in front of your car. Not a sight I’d like to see after pulling a few (?) 360’s across the highway median.

Hopefully, today will be uneventful!