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Site 17 - Dyett Academic Center

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I volunteered for the Chicago Cares Serve-a-thon last weekend. It turned out to be a really fun event. We went to a school where they needed some classrooms, lunchrooms, and lockers painted. My group was lucky enough to work on the lockers, which actually proved to be somewhat difficult, given the requirement to tape the locks and numbers so they don’t get painted over.

It was a great day, though. The best part was when the vice principal walked into the room where the volunteers were congregated and was simply overwhelmed by the number of people that had showed up.

The AC happened to go out in the hall we were painting in, but as long as one stood by the door it was still somewhat cool. Halfway through the day, they also put some tunes on over the loudspeaker and when one certain song came on…there was some dancing going on, that’s for sure!

I was amazed how sore I was the next day, mostly from all the squatting and brush strokes…it was a good hurt, though, and I topped it off with a good bike ride.