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Anatomy (Not Really) of a Good Hack

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Every once in a while, I find myself challenged by work. I don’t mean challenged as in “boy, this is tough - how will I ever do this”… (I have that every day) I mean challenged as in “this is possible - it’s simply a matter of time, luck, and skill”. Time is running short, luck is for the lazy, and skill…well, skill will only get you so far without the other two.

Nevertheless, the challenge presented itself and let’s just say for now that it was overcome. Again, it’s that great feeling of hack. I have a good description somewhere…here (but more from an internal perspective)! Enjoy:

It’s like an addiction, isn’t it.

You get in

Clock starts ticking

You find the ip scheme

You find the gateway

But it’s the wrong one

You keep scanning

You keep enumerating

You see another option

You take it

yOur p@ckets start trav3rs!ng th[- n37

…you’re in

…now what

Your blood pressure drops

You wait for the next time

I will have to make an addendum to that…