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I Had a Horrible Dream Last Night

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I was headed to bed last night and falling into that crazy dream-like state just before you pass out for good. I remember having a few dreams, but there is one…horrible dream that keeps popping into my head that made me sit up in bed. It’s very simple and short, but definitely not sweet. Read on if you dare.

I was in the back seat of a car while driving down a highway with my parents. We came upon an accident and for some reason, we were in the right lane which was blocked by a blue truck that was flipped over on its top. To the left were two other cars. As we passed the second one, I heard my mother say how somebody had died and I remember seeing some undiscernable mass in the back of the second car. As we pulled up behind the truck, I looked and saw a charred skeleton fall down out of the truck. That was it.

I told you it was horrible, but you had to read on, didn’t you!

This reminds me, I also had another “plane crashing” dream while on my flight back home yesterday. Always a good dream to have while you’re on the flight. On a positive note, in the dream the plane pulled up at the last second and we all lived. Much better than the couple previous dreams I had on the same subject. In real life, the landing was nice and smooth. One odd thing when we landed was that it was raining on one side of the plane, but not the other. Gotta love Chicago!