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Inward Reflections

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Not to get all insightful again, but it’s nights like tonight where you stop for a second and have a realization. For example:

I was pulling out of work tonight and while sitting at the stoplight with the sun shining down and the windows open, I realized that I had a pretty decent bike (with a fresh 10 miles..at least on it!) on the back of my car, I had a Dell 2650 and a Cisco PIX 515e in the back seat, and well…yea. I recognize that most of those are merely material objects, but I think it’s what I can do with them that sparked the warm, fuzzy feelings. Not to mention how lucky I felt driving around with all that equipment! It’s not every day I can say I’m carrying around a dual-cpu server box and an enterprise-class firewall in the back seat of my car!

For now, I must sleep, as tomorrow will require strong pix-fu. My legs have been exercised this evening, tomorrow it will be the fingers and the command-line configuration skilz that get a workout. …and the lead foot as well, mwuhahaha! (Don’t worry, Mother…I won’t speed…much ;))