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Summer in the City

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What a weekend - I’m not even sure how many times I’ve gone biking, but my li’l rockhopper has been through mud, rain, sun, sand, and yes, even horse manure. It feels good to get on a bike and push myself…my thighs are going to be gigantic pretty soon, due to the way I ride. I also went to a Chicago Fire (Major League Soccer, for those of you not in the know) game today. They lost to the Columbus Crew 3-1, but I think they’ve been doing pretty well otherwise. It was pretty fun - it rained just a little bit a couple of times, but not enough to get me wet at all.

The sky outside right now is that deep orange light indiciative of a thunderstorm. Oddly enough, I just glanced out my window and saw some wicked blots go across the sky. It’s been humid, humid, humid here in Chi-town the past week or so. There were a couple good storms this weekend, but nothing like back in New England. ;)