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Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Cleveland?

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I had another wonderful flight to Cleveland this morning (note the dripping sarcasm). Got out on the runway, sat there for a while (not quite sure how long due to intermittent nappage) and then the Captain came on to say some generator wasn’t working and we’d have to go back to the gate.

So we sat on the runway for a little bit longer (not quite sure how long due to intermittent nappage) and then went back to the gate. The mechanics climbed aboard and checked it out for a while (not quite sure how long due to intermittent nappage) and the next thing I knew I was looking out over some nice fluffy cumulous clouds. All told, the plane was about an hour late getting into Cleveland.

What made it even better (grin) was the empty tank of gas (due to other circumstances) in the car that I had to race to the client in because I was late. I still haven’t filled it up, so it obviously made it and I’m probably going to try to make it back to the airport too. When I purchase the fuel option from Hertz, I feel this odd compulsion to return it with the least amount of fuel possible. Most of the time, I do a pretty decent job, but I might win this time, particularly due to rising gas costs.

On that note, I was out of Chicago for about 10 days - when I returned, gas prices had been hiked $0.20! It is now $2.55/gal for premium in the city. ouch I’ve heard through the grapevine it’s supposed to hit $3 this summer. Time to make use of GasBuddy.

I also saw a humorous sign while driving from North to South Carolina via Rt. 9 while I was heading to Myrtle Beach last weekend (thanks L++!) - it was a really old, non-functional, run-down gas station that still had a sign for prices out front. While the prices were long gone, what caught me were the two types of gas…regular and unleaded. …I told you it was old!

I think that’s enough of a brain dump for tonight. Time to head out to Aladdin’s Eatery (Lebanese cuisine) and pick up a spicy kafta rolled and some Tabouli or Falaffel. mmm…so good. NOTE: This is different from the Aladdin’s Natural Eatery in Rochester, NY that serves Mediterranean/Greek cuisine - but that place is pretty good too! (Especially the li’l octopi and mousaka)