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For those that like pictures, I just posted a few from my (somewhat) recent trip to San Francisco for the RSA 2004 conference. I also put up just a couple shots from my apartment - pictures of the duck on the rooftop and some snow from this past winter.

Did I mention I got stuck twice this winter? No? Well I did…trying to get out of my garage. How pitiful is that? Rear-wheel drive with all-seasons doesn’t do too well in several inches of fresh snow, oddly enough. The first time I was coming out of my garage and stopped to run out and grab something, when I found my left front wheel in a snow pile. A few handfuls of snow and that was remedied. The second time, I just plain got stuck trying to nose cautiously out into the alleyway. After some help pushing my car back in from a nice man walking his dog, I was able to speed recklessly into the alleyway and avoid getting stuck a third time. Ironically…I was leaving to get some weight to put in the back of my trunk to help with my traction.