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What a Day

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I woke up at 4:30am today. That’s right, O-dark-30. Why, you might ask? Because I crawled onto my bed and fell asleep at 10:30, all sprawled out on top of the covers. I’ve been doing that a lot this week, but then I’ve been getting up pretty early and heading into work too.

So there it was, 4:30, and I just rolled out of bed and got started on my day. I’m still going now, at 11:30ish, and not feeling like I should be passing out. I managed to get a decent amount accomplished, between preparing and giving a “hacking” presentation at an undisclosed location in Chicago, getting in a good run, doing a massive cleanup job in my room…oh, and doing a good amount of research about SharePoint. … :)

And now, I think it’s time to properly go to bed for…probably the first time this week. The “stumble into my room and collapse on my bed” method is enjoyable only for a limited time.