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Test-driving an iBook

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Somebody at work (who happens to be selling it…) lent me his iBook and I’ve been using it constantly ever since. I’ve been waiting to get one for several years, but never got my hands on one for an extended period of time. This could put me over the edge. I already downloaded Romeo, which lets me control several applications using my bluetooth phone - it’s pretty schwag to say the least. You can even configure it to turn on your screensaver when your bluetooth phone goes out of range and turn it back off when you get back in range - that’s one of the simplest, yet most amazing features!

I like it so far, but I think it may be tough for me to get used to. For example, I’m a keyboard kind of guy so I’ve been trying to figure out all the OS X shortcuts without, of course, reading any docs. Not easy, so I may dive into that fairly soon. I want to try AppleScript to, because the documentation behind it is awesome.

Hrm…powerbook, new bike…powerbook, new bike…