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Upstate NY

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So I left a beautiful and sunny Chicago this weekend to go down to upstate NY for work, where it is 30 degrees and snowing. Not to mention the hotel has dialup and a whopping 20.6k at that.

So hear I sit, eyes blistering from staring at my laptop screen all day, drooling over articles on RootPrompt about switching to a mac which I’ve been wanting to do for the past few years. I find it odd that there are more Apple articles on RootPrompt these days than Linux articles. Actually, no I don’t - it just surprises me. Unfortunately for me, the Mac Buyer’s Guide recommends I hold off on getting a new PowerBook anytime soon. That’s ok - I’m still waiting for Apple to drop the G5 into the PowerBook.

That’s all for now - back to trying to look further than 2ft in front of me.