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I just had some really weird dreams. The effect of New Orleans cuisine on a post-dinner nap.

It started out with me in some city. I recall getting a ride of some sort on a sleigh or something. It landed and I was walking around for a bit. Then these ships started flying into town - dual optimus primes and weird stuff like that. So I started running out of town.

Somebody was following me, who eventually turned into one of my bosses. He told me that I need some stress relief training. A bunch of my co-workers who were around me in some sort of cage structures (anger-management relief or some such…) readily agreed. So off I went to find some place to sleep, but all the beds and hammocks were already occupied. Some by people, other by little babies. I eventually found a couch that wasn’t and lay down.

The next part of the dream I woke up and went to work for an Uncle - it was a different office building, though, and one of his employees welcomed me and started talking to me. It remains a little blurry at that point, but the next thing I can remember is going upstairs and somebody found me bleeding. Then they realized I was bleeding from my mouth and things really started to get weird. They acted as if something was really wrong with me, and went to get towels, etc. I could see other people laughing or being shocked in the next room, one of which I remember being my co-worker. My forefinger and thumb were covered in blood, and it was on the floor. There was also a stupid little dog trying to get around me and downstairs. Somebody finally came and put a single stitch through my lower lip and I think I woke up soon after that.

Despite the extremely abnormal nature of that one, I love dreaming. It’s so surreal and almost like an exercise for my brain.