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Lazy Bum

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Lazy lazy lazy! I can’t believe how little I’ve blogged lately. I think I’ve just been bogged down with work. No, not bogged down…motivated perhaps. Some things have changed and now I get to do even more of what I want to, so I find myself going into work earlier and leaving work later, much to the chagrin of S. There’s so much that needs to be done, but not nearly enough time. More than there used to be, however.

I recently got to visit with another long lost cuz that I hadn’t seen in a while when I was in IN for work. It was good to sit down and chill for a bit as I don’t get to see too much family out here in the midwest. I also got passed by two car-loads of NUNS on my way back home - see Ma, I don’t drive too fast. But really, what cop would give a bunch of nuns in their habits a ticket…

Finally - once again, to the befuddlement of myself, I could not get something to work all yesterday. I came in this morning, did the exact same process…and it worked exactly like it was supposed to. So much for Tuesday being useful…

But now, downstairs to grab a muffin and tasty frappucino and then back to configuring the new PIX. mmm