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Tsunami in Chicago

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I had this odd dream last night where there was a tsunami in Chicago. As I was walking into the Sears Tower, I looked over my shoulder and saw this giant wave coming towards the city from the lake. I ran inside and up a bunch of stairs. As I looked outside again, the wave came crashing down and the water level started to rise. I kept running up. It wasn’t as if I was scared, I was just trying to get to a safe level. The water eventually came up to the 200th floor (I know, there are only 110 stories). I was eventually rescued by this cruise-liner type ship that was going around. It was quite odd because I could see the tops of many other buildings and this ship was just weaving in and out of them almost nonchalantly. Meanwhile, there was the thought in the back of my head, that this tsunami and the ensuing flood was somehow caused by terrorists…

Then the ship headed back to the Sears Tower to load up on some supplies. As it was “docking” it hit another building and started to tip over. It rolled completely over, though. Everybody was given 10 minutes to grab as many supplies as they could out of a store in the Sears Tower that had anything you could imagine. One item I picked up was an etch-a-sketch…and now that I think about it, this was probably due to the Will and Grace episode I watched last night. There was also some mid-eastern looking guy who was holding a stopwatch up to my face with 2:16 as the time remaining. For some reason, I decided to run upstairs to the 207th floor and ran into a couple of my roommates checking out a room. There were banks and banks of tvs, which for some reason, exploded while we were there and disappeared. Down on the floor below was a bunch of Cisco networking equipment that I wanted to snag, but didn’t have time. By the time I got back to the main floor, everybody was gone and there was a very weird scene which I can’t recall.

Definitely a very odd odd dream. Interesting though. I love being able to remember my dreams.