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Hello From NM

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Hello from New Mexico! I’m down here visiting my sister and my new little nephew. He is absolutely adorable and I’ll have pictures soon enough! We also took a day-long trip to go get a christmas tree in the mountains. That’s what you have to go through to get a decent tree down here in the southwest. In any case, it seems the tomten (you know, the little guy that brings ornaments every year…) showed up here in NM! That was quite nice of him to go out of his way down here. I’ve had a pretty good time here and even got to eat lobster fresh from Boston and see the Lady Lobos (UNM Women’s Basketball) courtesy of my sis’ friend. I have to take off today, though. The aliens in Roswell are calling my name and I must go back to the mothership. Mom always said I wasn’t like the other kids…