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Hola Tijuana!

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Took a little trip down to Tijuana, Mexico today! It was quite the experience - all kinds of street vendors all over the place selling all kinds of little trinkets and whatnot. Most of them were the same, but it was just amazing to see them perk up when you stopped at one. They would lean over and ask you what you wanted and if you touched one, they would tell you how much it was. Usually, you can get it for about half of what they tell you and it’s pretty fun to haggle them down. It was pretty much my first experience doing the bargaining thing, but it was fun.

The trip to get back into the USA was rather interesting. Obviously, you get into a line to wait to go through customs. There is also a bus line and a bike line. You can pay $15 and they will bus you up to the front of the line. You can also rent a bike for about $7-10 and go through the bike line, which is supposed to be quicker. It ended up being about the same though. I didn’t have any trouble getting back in, due my white un-tanned self.

So I’ve gone north into Canada, south into Mexico, now I just need to get overseas more!