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Motivation is an odd thing. It is frequently driven by an internal process, occasionally sparked by an outside force. At least for me. For example, I was driven to stay up until 3am three nights this week developing a perl script to parse PIX firewall configurations and draw a pretty picture from them. What kept me going? The challenge, most likely. The desire to produce a usable end product that could ease my life. On the night of the second day, I collapsed into bed mentally exhausted. My body was fine, but my mind had been pushed for two days straight and it felt so good to let it rest. So I got up and did it again. Now, at the end of the third day, all motiviation seems to be lost. I was successful in creating the script, but anything else is just blah at the moment. Perhaps my motivation will perk up again around midnight, as it does tend to do this. Perhaps I’ve driven myself hard enough that it needs to take a break. I couldn’t tell you where my motivation went, but I can tell you that my program, pixparse, RULES!

I suppose, for now, I will mosy around and enjoy the relaxation. I’ve reached that point where even being on the computer poses little desire for me. Tough to believe, I know, but it does happen every once in a while.